Bamboo Flooring

The use of bamboo is one of the latest flooring trends today but it looks like its popularity will only get stronger in the years to come. This is because bamboo flooring offers a handful of benefits that you probably will not be able to find in other types of flooring. It is considered to be an excellent alternative to hardwood flooring and in spite of it being newly introduced to the market, it has already become a favorite among many homebuilders, homeowners, interior designers, and even business owners. If you have seen one, you would know that it inarguably looks beautiful and classy. But beyond its physical appearance, it also offers other benefits, which are discussed below.


It has been said that the durability of a bamboo floor is comparable to that of hardwood, and in fact, it has been found to be harder than oak and maple, with a Janka hardness rating of 1642. Take note however that its hardness and durability would depend on certain factors such as the age of the bamboo, the type (or species) of bamboo used, how the flooring was made, moisture content during its manufacture, and what kind of finish was used. It goes without saying that if you choose high quality bamboo flooring, you can be assured that it will be scratch resistant and will last you for a very long time. Good quality bamboo planks and boards are also able to withstand pet claws and high heels.

Range of Choices

Another reason that explains the popularity of bamboo flooring is that buyers are given a range of choices on the types and colors that they can choose from. You can opt for strand woven, horizontal grain, vertical grain, and hand-scraped types of bamboo flooring, just to name a few. The strand woven type has a contemporary feel to it due to the flowing hardwood grain fibers; the horizontal grain type has the traditional bamboo design due to its "knuckle pattern"; the vertical grain type has a linear hardwood grain that exudes a clean contemporary appearance; and lastly, the hand-scraped type gives your floor a somewhat rustic appeal. For colors, you can choose from warm, vivid, rich, and neutral shades.

Other Advantages

Apart from its durability and the availability of so many choices for bamboo flooring, there are still other benefits that you can have if you opt for bamboo instead of hardwood, laminate, or tiles. For one, bamboo flooring is eco-friendly. Because bamboo is a grass and not a tree, it grows very fast—up to three feet per day without having to use pesticides and fertilizers. It also releases about 35% more oxygen compared to trees of the same size, and can be replanted in just a few years thereby preventing soil erosion. Another advantage to using bamboo flooring is that it is also quite economical, with prices as low as $2.50 per square foot for a good quality bamboo. This is way cheaper than hardwood, which usually starts at $5.00 per square foot.

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